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Mission Statement of the TCU Online Student Resource Center

The TCU Online Student Resource Center provides TCU students with an accessible point of reference for vital announcements, updates, opportunities, and organizations that impact every tribal college and university student. The student resource center contains up-to-date calendars, documents, and links to outside listings of internships, conferences, scholarships, and relevant organizations. The center also acts as a primary platform for the AIHEC Student Congress in collaboration with their social media presence on Facebook.
This portal is maintained by Alex Grandon, Co-Advisor to the AIHEC Student Congress, and the officers of the AIHEC Student Congress.

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AIHEC Fall 2015 Board of Directors Meeting
A Board of the AIHEC Tribal College and University (TCU) presidents will convene in San Diego, CA October 15th and 16th. Every fall the ten AIHEC Student Congress officers attend the Student Activities Committee meeting which will make recommendations to the full Board of Directors regarding Student Athletics, the AIHEC Student Conference, and AIHEC Student Congress Initiatives. The AIHEC Student Congress will arrive in San Diego on October 14th, staying at the Grand Hyatt in San Diego Harbor, and attend meetings on both Thursday and Friday. Any designated student representative from the AIHEC Tribal Colleges and Universities may attend with funding from their college.
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2015 AIHEC Student Conference Competition Results.pdf
3/31/2015 8:49 AMNo presence informationAlex Grandon
2016 AIHEC Student Conference Handbook.pdf
7/28/2015 11:09 AMNo presence informationAlex Grandon
AIHEC Student Congress Newsletter Summer 2015.docx
7/28/2015 11:13 AMNo presence informationAlex Grandon
Constitution and Bylaws of the ASC 2015.docx
7/28/2015 12:33 PMNo presence informationAlex Grandon

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